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#12. The Fallacy Trapping You in Bad Decisions

Tuesday 05.02

Do we fear leaving or what we’ll leave behind?

#11. Learn to Deal With Your Inner Conflicts

Tuesday 04.25

The psychology behind choosing comforting lies over unpleasant truths

#10. Paradox of Choice: Why Less Is More

Tuesday 04.18

You already know what FOMO is, but what does JOMO mean?

#9. Survivorship Bias: Why You Only Care About The Winners

Tuesday 04.11

If they can do it, anyone can! Right?

#8. Mind Traps, Transform Excuses, & Outsmart Thinking Errors!

Tuesday 04.04

Are you a prisoner of your own mind?  Break free and unlock opportunities hidden in excuses!

#7. Sleep Like a Pro: The Secrets to Quality Rest

Tuesday 03.28

Dream big, sleep better. Upgrade your sleep game and transform your waking life!

#6 Embrace the Chaos, Subtracting and 5 Decluttering Tips

Tuesday 03.21

Finding balance and harmony through effective organization becomes increasingly important as our lives get busier and more complex. Embrace the chaos and turn it into opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

#5 The 3 Types of Distraction, Their Source and How to Avoid Them

Tuesday 03.14

Distraction is a daily struggle that can destroy our focus. But, how can we deal with it effectively?

#4 ADHD: Body doubling, Empathy and Noise Cancelling

Tuesday 03.07

Discover the secrets to staying focused, the importance of understanding and empathizing with others, and creating a calm workspace for people with ADHD.

#3 Work-Life Integration, Setting Boundaries and Focus Mode

Tuesday 02.28

Improve your work-life balance with a more effective approach: work-life integration. Learn practical tips for setting boundaries, and try a quick win to to help you stay present.

#2 Energy Management, Saying No & Turning Off Your Video During Meetings

Tuesday 02.21

About managing energy better than time, how to say "no" and turning off the camera during team meetings

#1 Good Habits, New Objectives & Anti-Goals

Tuesday 02.14

Discover the secrets to building good habits, breaking bad ones and crafting your ideal day.

#0 The Second-brain, first times and coffee!

Tuesday 02.07

Our pilot test with a masterclass on the concept of “second brain”, a reflection about first times and when it's better to have your morning coffee!

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